Breaching Southern Resident killer whale

September 5, 2020

Southern Resident Killer Whales near San Juan Island

Sarah | 09/05/2020 | M/V Kestrel | 10:00am & 02:00pm We had quite the day on the Salish Sea! With early-morning shore-reports of orcas heading into some fog around San Juan Island, Captain Gabe and I left the harbor for our first tour hoping that we could find those elusive animals. We decided...Read more
Southern Resident Killer Whales Swim into the Salish Sea

September 5, 2020

A Moment in History with the Southern Resident Killer Whales

Olivia | M/V Sea Lion | September 5th, 2020 | 13:30 Leaving Friday Harbor and setting out south to find whales, we had no idea we would be part of such a unique moment in history. We started the long trek through the Strait of Juan de Fuca with Mount Baker peering down at us and Harbor Porpoise...Read more
Southern Resident Killer Whales

September 24, 2017

Late Season Whale Watch Double-Header!

[Naturalist Sarah – 09/23/2017 – M/V Sea Lion – 12:00pm & 04:00pm] With recent beautiful weather and the incredible wildlife sightings we made a late decision to add a sunset trip to our schedule. It was such a treat to spend even more time out on the water at this magical time of year. 12:00pm...Read more
Orca Whale

September 24, 2017

J and L Pod Hanging out by San Juan Island

09/23/17- M/V Kestrel- 2PM We had great reports leading up to today’s trip! We headed South via San Juan Channel, towards the Strait of Juan de Fuca, where we had reports of some of our Southern Resident Killer Whales traveling West. On our way towards the whale reports we stopped at whale rocks to...Read more
L12s Spread out in Haro Strait

September 22, 2017

The September Bounty of Wildlife Continues

[Naturalist Sarah – 09/22/2017 – M/V Sea Lion – 12:00pm] September, September, September! There is a reason that this month is a staff favorite out on the water. Today was just another day that puts a smile on your face that stays through dinner. This afternoon we had a delightful encounter with...Read more

September 14, 2017

Resident Whale Breach Fest off San Juan Island

09/13/17- M/V Kestrel- 2PM Our resident whales still seem to be sticking around! We haven’t seen much of our resident whales this summer because of our record low salmon run, but today our guests were treated with the opportunity to see L pod. We headed down San Juan Channel and found the whales in...Read more

September 13, 2017

L12's at Salmon Bank

09/11/17- M/V Sea Lion- 12PM Today we left Friday Harbor with reports that our resident whales were still in the area. We headed towards salmon bank, a common feeding place for the whales, to take a look. We came across the five females and juveniles that make up the L12’s. The male of the family...Read more

September 13, 2017

Resident Whales, L4s, South of Friday Harbor

09/10/17- M/V Sea Lion- 12PM Today our guests were lucky enough to spend some time with our southern resident killer whales. These animals were not in the area for 29 days prior to their recent arrival, so our guests were exceptionally fortunate to get to hang out with them. The orcas were on the...Read more