July 13, 2009

Killer Whales near Victoria

We love days that start off with great sighting reports. The first sighting of the day- killer whales at Race Rocks, near Victoria, heading northeast. This was good news.

We loaded the boat, motored out of Friday Harbor and headed south toward Cattle Pass.
We had some fun sea conditions- small waves and some wind, just enough wind to get some of the more adventurous people a little wet.

As we headed to Race Rocks we got word that some orcas were just off Victoria. We headed to Victoria. What a beautiful city! We watched the orcas for over an hour. The orcas are just so amazing. We saw a couple very tall dorsal fins - some mature males.

On the way back most of the weather conditions had improved and we cruised across the Haro Strait. We viewed few Harbor seals and their pups. Harbor seals starting having their pups in the beginning of July, and they are so adorable. We also saw a few marine birds.

It’s always a great adventure in the San Juans with San Juan Safaris!!!

Naturalist Jeannette Miller

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