June 28, 2018

Kestrel Travels North for Transient Orcas

Today was a gorgeous morning on M/V Kestrel!

We took to the waters this morning at 10am in search of whales!  Captain Mike had gotten a report of Transient Orcas up North near Tumbo Island!  Luckily Kestrel is a incredible vessel- the boat equivalent of a well bread race horse shall we say? Captain Mike and myself, along with our incredible guests were up for the adventure and we headed north! 

On our way we were treated to some adorable harbor porpoise views as they frolicked in San Juan Channel.  We also got to see that crazy color differentiation of the water as we worked our way up North to where the mouth of the Fraser River lets out.  The southern water is more of a emerald green color, but all the sediment that comes from the Fraser River makes the water a bit more of a lighter tanish shade.  It was awesome to see this color change as we continued out quest north.

Upon arriving on scene we were treated to some amazing views of our Transient Orca’s dorsal fins skimming thru the surface of the water!  It was incredible!  One dorsal fin belonged to a male we hadn’t gotten to see in our waters very often- that dorsal fin was much taller than 6 feet tall!  Absolutely incredible! 

We stayed with our Transient Orcas for a fantastic morning of seeing baby breaches, tail lobs, and other surface action.  It was such an amazing treat to see such active Transient Orcas- they were incredible to watch!  And truly made it an amazing trip today!

Until Next Time,

Naturalist Alexandria