June 9, 2009

K20 & K38 on the move!

Another interesting day on the water....the same two K-pod members, mama K-20 and 5 year old calf K-38 were on the move and at quite a clip! We caught up with these 2 resident Orcas in Canadian waters off the Gulf Islands. They definitely covered some ground (or should i say sea)...since yesterday when we saw them in the Strait of Juan de Fuca east of Port Angeles. Our guests really did enjoy the serenity of watching the whales surface while listening as they breathed! We turned to head home as they Orcas approached Active Pass. I think everyone's wondering why these 2 are swimming solo, without the rest of K-pod? It was quite a scenic boat trip back through the islands with glimpses of eagles soaring and one occupying it's very large nest in the Cactus Islands. Not to mention, there were quite a number of porpoise swimming about in the swiftly moving waters off of Speiden Island!

-Jaclyn, naturalist
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