June 1, 2013

'J-Pod and the L-12s'

Mega has a large nick on the back edge of his dorsal fin and small nick farther down which makes him easy to identify.

We left our Friday Harbor location and eventually arrived on the north end of San Juan Island to find not only our resident J-pod but also a small group of L-pod known as the L-12s. This is the first time this season we've seen residents other than J-pod. The L-12s include the oldest male in the Southern Community, big L41, otherwise known as Mega.
After watching the whales continue to swim north in a playful behavior we had three big males, L79 (24 years old), younger brother L89 (20 years old) as well as L85 a 22 year old. Seeing three large males pass by is incredibly impressive.
Resident Orca eco-type males average 25 feet in length with dorsal fins that can be over five feet tall.
Overall a wonderful day on the water with our resident Orcas.

Kevin, Naturalist, San Juan Safaris