August 3, 2012

I spy a FLUKE!

We headed north to Canadian waters today; calm waters and warm sun made for a wonderful boat ride.  As we approached Saturna Island, we saw the spray…the spray of the humpback whale.  We observed this marine mammal feeding in Boundary Pass (48°43.982N, 123°08.698W), and had the opportunity to watch the fluke dip into the water.  As this type of whale has baleen plates, it was likely feeding on krill or a variety of small schooling fish.  Several rhinoceros auklets were around, hoping to join the feeding frenzy.  After viewing the humpback for several minutes, we turned south and passed the east side of Stuart Island, noting some harbor porpoise along the way.  A bald eagle was standing guard!  We had the opportunity to view a large nest on Cactus Island.  We concluded our tour with a passing of Spieden Island.  Mouflon sheep were grazing in the shade.  Several harbor seal mothers and pups were out on the hunt too!  What an incredible day on the water.

SJS Naturalist Jenny