June 9, 2019

Humpbacks and Harbor Porpoise

Naturalist Alexandria | M/V Sea Lion | Sunday, June 9th

Today was a great day!  We all met up at the office and got our group of 14 together for this trip.  It was an awesome mix of people, and though we are coast guard approved for 49 people we only had 14 people on board so everyone had ample space to move around and enjoy making it feel like they were on their own boat to some extent. 

As we hit the water we started heading out, making a left hand turn and working our way up north through San Juan Channel.  We decided to head through President’s Channel and then work our way up to East Point.  We had heard rumors of there being a Humpback that had been spotted near East Point, and we were hoping we would be able to find them.  Lucky for us we heard on our way up that another boat had re-acquired the Humpback! 

We headed straight to East Point and were lucky enough to see some awesome views of this Humpback whale.  After getting a good look at the flukes we were able to confirm that the Humpback we were with was called Stitch.  Stitch has darker coloration on their flukes, which made him easier to identify.

After spending some time with Stitch, and getting some fantastic looks as they surfaced, we started working our way back down south.  On our way back we were treated to more eagles, harbor seals, and harbor porpoise.

It was a lovely day full of lovely people!

Until Next Time,

Naturalist Alexandria

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