July 12, 2019

Humpback Whales by Henry!

Jordan | M/V Kestrel | 07/12/19 | 11:00

Luckily it was a nice warm day today even though it got pretty chilly out on the water! But It was a really nice trip.

Captain Pete and I set out of Friday Harbor and helped our fleet of boats search the sea for any whales. We headed up north through the San Juan Channel and up towards Waldron Island. Here we found a whole bunch of harbor seals! These guys were super adorable hanging out on the rocks next to a huge forest of bull kelp. They were definitely enjoying the warm day.

Then we headed across Boundary Pass and along the Canadian Border. But, then we heard reports of whales! So we turned and headed back down south along Stuart Island. We stopped to check out the rad lighthouse at Turn Point.

Then, we continued along Henry Island and found 2 Humpback whales! It was such a great sighting as we watched these enormous creatures break the glassy water and breathe with such explosive exhalations.

It was beautiful watching their 15 foot tails pop up out of the water and show us their unique patterns. Some people got great photos!

As they swam and dove and meandered amongst the island looking for food, it really made you appreciate watching wildlife in its natural habitat.

Eventually, we wandered back through the islands and back towards Friday Harbor. So nice!