March 13, 2015

Humpback in Haro

Departing Roche Harbor Captain Mike, the guests, and I headed towards Spieden Island.  As is common for this time of year, we did not have any whale reports when leaving the dock, but this did not dampen our spirits!  After enjoying the green hill side and many hoofed animals, we received a call on the radio that a humpback had been spotted!

Big Mama, a local female humpback was swimming in Haro Strait headed north.  We were able to watch and enjoy her surfacing slowly and many tail flukes as we accompanied her.  Humpback whales can reach lengths of 60ft and 90,000 lbs!

After visiting Big Mama, we viewed Steller Sea Lions and many Bald Eagles before returning to home port.

While it was a chilly day on the water, the sights were breathtaking and we cannot wait for more humpback encounters!

Naturalist Emily

M/V Sea Lion, San Juan Safaris