June 4, 2022

Humpback, Harbor Seals, Pelicans Oh My!

Jordan | M/V Kestrel | 06/04//2022 2:00pm

The weathermen lied to us…it was scheduled to be pouring rain during our tour but as we gathered our guests and headed out to sea, the sun was shining brightly.

Heading north through the San Juan Channel and around the northern point of San Juan Island, we stopped by a little island filled with harbor seals! The “rock sausages” flopped around and played in the water. Shortly after, we made it to the Haro Straight where we found a humpback whale!

This 45 foot whale gracefully travelled north towards Stuart Island. We watched as he dove and most likely fed within our nutritious waters. We could hear his breath! So powerful. The, he suddenly took a deep dive and flashed us the massive fifteen foot tail. Here, we noticed two white splotches. Talking with a nearby boat, they were able to identify the individual as Orion! Each tail is as unique as a thumbprint so we are able to catalogue and track the whales without physically touching them.

Eventually we said goodbye to Orion and visited the Turn Point Lighthouse and Lovers Leap Bluff which were gorgeous views along Stuart Island. Then, we turned and crossed the border into Canada where we stopped by a bird sanctuary island! Here we saw hundreds of gulls, cormorants, pigeon guillemots, rhinoceros auklets and even a couple of very rare brown pelicans! It was a sight to behold as we slowly cruised by massive nests along the rocky cliffs.

Then we visited Spieden island! Also known as Safari Island, we spotted exotic Mouflon sheep! It was so fun to see baby sheep romping around and males with big swirly horns. We also spotted bald eagles flying high above and two more perched in the tress near the cliffside. You could tell how massive they were!

Finally we made it back to Friday Harbor! Thanks everyone for joining us! What a fun trip.