August 4, 2012

Humpback and Eagles

We held off long enough, but it seems like summer finally made it's way to the San Juan Islands! Absolutely beautiful afternoon, super clear skies and super flat seas. We left Friday Harbor heading north with word of a humpback whale in the area. We spotted the distinct, 10 foot plus blow of a large humpback whale just off the west end of Stuart Island. It was traveling north east around Turn Point before making a b-line across the US boarder into Canadian waters. It surfaced two, three, up to four times before living up to it's name and "humping," waving it's fluke in the air before it disappeared and was down for about three to four minutes.We watched this for a while until the pattern was broken when the whale decided to lunge out of the water! It was awesome!

Bald eagles were also everywhere! Both on our way out and back we could spot eagles in the trees. Plus, we were able to see some harbor seals and pups before getting back to the harbor.

~Kristen, Naturalist, San Juan Safaris