July 23, 2020

History Made abord M/V Kestrel Today!

M/V Kestrel

Naturalist Alexandria | Thursday July 24th, 2020

What an amazing trip!  We made history today in M/V Kestrel with Captain Brian!  As we were all boarding onto M/V Kestrel the closest reports of whales were alllll the way down in Penn Cove.  Captain Brian and myself were anxiously hoping more reports would pop up before we headed out, but alas nothing did.  After boarding everyone onto the vessel and getting seated Captain Brian grabbed a chart and decided to talk to everyone about our options for the day.

Upon talking to the excited group it was clear that we all wanted to go for it!  It wasn’t too choppy of a day, and the weather was cooperating enough we thought we would give it a try… pending any new updates that might make it an unsafe option for us.  We started heading out, and began the trek all the way down!

What an amazing trip it was!  We got to go under Deception Pass Bridge! This has been a bucket list item for me the past 4 years, and I can not describe how excited I was to do it!  Getting through it is incredibly technical, but Captain Brian did it both times like a pro!  And once we got to Pen Cove we were greeted by not one, but two families of Biggs Killer Whales!  The T65 and T 46s!  There was so much socializing and excitement!  We watched in awe as these two families rolled around and splashed with each other!  Eventually it was time to head back up towards San Juan Island, but not before enjoying a beautiful afternoon trip back!

Every trip is magical, but this trip was truly one that made history!

Until Next Time,

Naturalist Alexandria

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