June 25, 2021

Heading to Henry for a Humpback!

Today was a great day to get out on the water!  The sun was shining, the summer weather was upon us, and to keep with the theme of Summer- there was a Humpback whale just a short trip away!

Captain Pete and I were excited that we had a report of a humpback whale in Haro Strait before our trip left, and we were hoping that if this whale cooperated by the time we worker our way north through San Juan Channel that we would be able to cut across the northern side of San Juan Island and catch up with it off of Henry Island. 

Luckily we were correct and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!  AS an added bonus as soon as we met up with this humpback whale, our PWWA colleagues shared with us that they had only been doing 3 minute dives or so, which meant that not only was this whale going to be surfacing again soon, but also that we were going to get some great looks at this individual since it was going to be surfacing so often.

These were dream conditions and a dream humpback! At one point all the other boats expected the humpback to turn into Spieden Channel but Captain Pete knew this whale’s behaviors enough to stay the course and that was one of those times we got some amazing looks at it’s flukes!

After spending 30 minutes with this whale we rotated out with other PWWA boats so that we could go find more wildlife to share with our guests! We decided to pop over to Spieden Island and check out some of the exotic species of deer and sheep that live on this island.  We also got some fantastic looks at two bald eagles in the trees on this island.

It really turned out to be a perfect trip!

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Naturalist Alexandria

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