April 14, 2012

Sunny skies, calm seas

Excited by an early morning report that a large number of Orcas had been sighted off Cattle Point on San Juan Island, we could not wait to get out on the water at noon. Heading north in San Juan Channel, our first stop was at Yellow Island to check out a healthy number of Harbor Seals hauled out on...Read more

September 28, 2011

Finishing Up Strong!

We only have a few more trips left in our season up here, but the whales don't know that. Today we found members of our resident pods K and L, almost 50 whales, spread out in Haro Strait heading up to Turn Point. We were able to identify K20 (possibly with a new calf? yet to be confirmed), L87, L41...Read more

September 21, 2011

sensory overload

I feel like we have had a lot of great trips this summer and have been luck so far in September with a fairly high percentage of whale sightings. Of all the trips we have had since we started in April there are a handful that stick out vividly in my memory as exceptional. Today might have trumped...Read more

September 12, 2011

L-Pod! and Harbor seals galore!

We had a beautiful blustery day today heading south out of Friday Harbor. After hearing reports of whales south west of San Juan and heading further SW we blazed on out off of Hein Bank! We were kindly greeted by a group of 10-12 traveling Orcas, all members of L-Pod. Having a wonderful...Read more

August 11, 2011

Let's Change Things Up a Bit...

Thursday brought blue skies and calm seas. However, there were no reports of anyone seeing any Orcas in the Salish Sea. So we took the best lead we had and headed towards Victoria to try and find the elusive Humpback Whale. On the way out we encountered lots of harbor seals bobbing in the tide and...Read more

August 1, 2011

Orcas Island and Orca Whales

Today, even the Kittiwake had an adventure! We traveled over to Orcas Island to pick up a family of ten for a private charter and from there on, we were surrounded by a continuous showing by Pacific Northwest wildlife! First, it was a little harbor seal between Lopez and Shaw Islands. Next, it was...Read more

July 12, 2011

Flying whales and swooping baldies

O Canadaaaa, you have the resident orcas in your waters and we are coming to see them! North out of the harbor, past Yellow Island (hello, plump harbor seals!), along Spieden Island (any Mouflon sheep?), around Flattop Island, across to Waldron Island (shy harbor porpoises) and across the Haro...Read more