August 2, 2013

Harbor Porpoise and Minke Whales

Captain Brian, guests and myself departed Friday Harbor just after the rain stopped and headed south. We made it down to Griffin bay to check out a group of curious Harbor Porpoise. Usually Harbor Porpoise are shy and dive deep when hearing boat motors, but today they were friendly and stayed around. Afterwards we continued south and watched two large Steller Sea Lions swim in the water. After seeing the Stellers poke their heads up and looking at us we decided to head to Salmon bank to see a Minke whale. Our guests were able to see the whale for quite some time. Our guests were lucky because not only did they get to see this whale, they got to see more porpoise! It is always nice to see a big group of Harbor Porpoise is this area. Our family on board got to see the nice array of wildlife we have here in the San Juans.

Aimee-Naturalist, M/V Kittiwake
San Juan Safaris