August 31, 2009

Happy Hour!

A wonderful end to the month of August....lots of Orcas..J, K, and some L pod members were all traveling together this afternoon! Somewhat of a superpod. (Other members of L pod were at the south end of San Juan Island today). They had been moving along to the north, when we arrived in Swanson Channel, a waterway in the Gulf Islands they were just slowing down and gathering together. We watched a big group with lots of whales all busy socializing! Amongst the group were J26, J33, 2 year-old J42, J19 & calf J41, L72, K12, K22 along with many others. Somewhat of a little happy hour...lots of activity at the surface: tail slaps, rolling over, pec slaps, half breaches, cartwheels. It was awesome...and a few of our guests were not so lucky on a past visit to the San Juans and realized just how special today was!

Signing off,
Jaclyn Van Bourgondien, naturalist

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