April 24, 2021

Gray Whale Galore off of Lopez Island

Jordan | M/V Sea Lion | 04/24/2021 |5:00pm

The clock strikes 5:00 o’clock and Captain Pete, our guests and I jump onto the boat and head out to semi-open sea. We turn right and head towards adventure.

We arrive at these rocks jutting out of the water in the middle of the channel and find that they’re covered with Steller sea lions! These males were massive creatures that threw their body weight around and practiced being as macho as possible. They clearly have been feeding well in this area.

Then we headed out towards the huge expanse of water south of Lopez. We knew there was a sighting of a whale here earlier in the day, so we were eager to find it. We searched and searched looking close to the shoreline and out towards the middle of the vast waterway.

We saw porpoises and seals and a few logs that we hoped were whales. But then, Captain Pete found the whale!! We turned and quietly approached the huge animal. The gray whale seemed to be feeding, so he was swimming and diving and showing us his tail as he searched for food.

We got some great looks at it seemed to want to swim towards us closer and closer. What a friendly whale! Everyone was very impressed with his beautiful, speckled back and his huge tail that he flashed at us during his deep dives. It was fun guessing where he would pop up next.

Eventually, we headed back home and enjoyed the vibrant scenery as the sun set behind the clouds and we all chatted about the amazing wildlife. I really loved meeting and talknig with everyone on board. Thanks for being awesome humans. 

What a lovely sunset tour!