August 12, 2020

Going the Extra Distance!

M/V Kestrel | Naturalist Alexandria | August 12, 2020 
What a beautiful day we had on the water today! When we were loading onto Kestrel this afternoon, we knew we had reports of orcas pretty far away- close to the Canadian border. Captain Brian and myself were excited and eager to get out on the water as soon as possible. As we jetted up to the report of the orcas we knew that those orcas had crossed over into Canadian waters. Captain Brian was not going to quit just yet though. He worked with lots of other captains out on the water to find a report that had popped up off of Point Roberts. 


We decided it was worth the trek and started our way heading very far north to hopefully catch up to these orca whales.  As we got closer we got excited to see some large dorsal fins ahead of us. 


After spending some time with these whales we knew that this was a family of two moms and two calf’s. We got to see some incredible breaches as well as numerous spyhops, and some incredible looks at these amazing animals! These were Biggs Killer Whales so we even got to see them hunt a harbor porpoise!  What an incredible trip! It was one of those trips were going to extra distance really paid off! 


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Naturalist Alexandria

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