August 5, 2013

A Friendly Minke Whale!

With plenty of sun shining, M/V Kittiwake departed Friday Harbor with a family, Captain Jim, and myself. There was one little boy who really wanted to see whales and we were able to head north to see a Minke whale. We spotted the Minke in Boundary Pass just west of Waldron Island. This Minke was very friendly and everyone was very excited it. M/V Kittiwake was very fortunate to have some great viewings of lunge feeding occurring. I was lucky enough to show the little boy the blowholes of the Minke whale.
After some great showings of the Minke whale, Captain Jim decided to head towards the Cactus Islands and there we were able to see a Bald Eagle perched on a bare tree. This gave everyone the opportunity to use the binoculars on board to get a closer view. From their we headed north to Turn Point and came around Stuart Island. On the way home we motored along Spieden Island to see a pair of Bald Eagles. One was on a bare tree branch while the other was on the rocky side with food locked in its talons. This Eagle appeared as though it was struggling to lift off from the ground. For the few moments we spent, everyone intently watched what was going to happen, but it appeared as though this Bald Eagle was not going to give up its food! Our guests loved the experience they had out on the water today!

Aimee-Naturalist, M/V Kittiwake
San Juan Safaris