August 5, 2019

Sunset Humpback!

Jordan | M/V Sea Lion | 08/05/19 | 5:30pm What a gorgeous day out on the water! Captain Gabe and I started our journey out of Friday Harbor and headed north through the San Juan Channel. We continued up towards Canadian waters as we passed through President’s Channel in between Orcas Island and...Read more

August 4, 2019

Olympic Peninsula Sunset and SO Many Orca Whales!!

Jordan | M/V Sea Lion | 08/4/19 | 5:30pm Today was a magical day out on the water! Captain Erick, Naturalist Olivia and I headed out of Friday Harbor and went south through the San Juan Channel. We boated past Cattle Point Lighthouse and took some gorgeous pictures. Then we headed out into open...Read more
Killer Whales Near San Juan Island

July 1, 2019

Killer Whales in San Juan Channel Have a T Party!

Olivia | July 1st, 2019 | M/V Sea Lion | 6:00pm What a spectacular sunset this evening! We had a small group of about 9 passengers who were able to enjoy the evening with myself and Captain Brian. The best part? We didn’t have to travel far until we saw Bigg’s Killer Whales! We first viewed the...Read more

June 15, 2018

Southern Residents at Sunset!

Jordan | June 14, 2018 | M/V Sea Lion | 5:30 sunset The Sealion, along with Captain Pete and myself, voyaged out of Friday Harbor for the 5:30 sunset tour. Luckily, J Pod just recently returned to the San Juan islands causing excitement amongst the entire region! Today, this large group of Southern...Read more

September 11, 2016

J's at Turn Point & Boundary Pass, Epic Sunset!

Today was a fairytale, a pure, Salish Sea, fairytale! Although weather conditions down south were a little bit iffy, with two foot chop and white caps through the Strait of Juan de Fuca and up Haro as well, M/V Sea Lion was headed north, where nothing could stop us! We had flat, calm seas,...Read more
A Transient Killer Whale, T137A, gets curious after hunting

March 27, 2016

T137s Transient Orcas outside Friday Habor!!!

March on San Juan Island usually means lots of rain. This Saturday, though we had a small, sunny break in the rainy forecast which reminded us that summer is just around the corner. Coincidentally so are the killer whales. We turned south out of the harbor with myself, Naturalist Kev, and Captain...Read more