May 30, 2011

Circumnavigating San Juan Island for Transients

It's not too often we have the opportunity to circumnavigate San Juan Island; it usually isn't terribly convenient for where we have to travel and the amount of time we have to do it in. But today was the exception to the rule. We got the call in early that there were orcas spotted off of Canada's...Read more

September 29, 2010

Some Days Need Bullet Points

San Juan Islands and Mount Baker. Photos courtesy of I am envious of those people that can sit down and power out a blog entry everyday and have it be different, interesting and engaging. I am finding that as the season grows colder, quieter and slower, I am having difficulty...Read more

September 20, 2010

Surprise Orca Reports

We left the harbor without any orca reports. For about 20 minutes we wondered whether or not we would see our black and white friends today. As we neared Spieden Island, Captain Craig started to receive reports of whales on the west side of San Juan heading north. Surprise! This is my first season...Read more

June 7, 2010

Fun n Sun

What a pleasant surprise the gorgeous weather was today. The sun was shining, it was warm and there were whales! What more could one really ask for? Except for the whales to be headed right in our direction, and as it turned out they were!! The plan was to head straight for the whales which were...Read more

May 28, 2010

Rock 'n Roll Whales!

Okay, well it was actually all of us on the M/V Sea Lion that were doing the rocking and rolling, but I am sure that the orcas were having some fun too. Especially if all of the breaches by the calf were any indication of their state of mind. The waters were rough, (unusual for the San Juan Islands...Read more

May 27, 2010

Whales look better when they are wet!

It was a bit of a rocky day out there with 2 foot swells, but it was still a great day! The Southern Resident L- pod was first spotted off False Bay on the southwest side of the island. The pod was spread out into several smaller groups. We chose to take a look at a smaller group that seemed to be...Read more

August 22, 2009

The Sun Has Set

It was inevitable, but sad all of the same. Tonight was our last evening trip. We did not waste it though and we had a lovely group of guests out with us on the M/V Sea Lion. Even though there were no resident orcas tonight we still saw all kinds of wonderful wildlife. As Capt. Pete toured us...Read more

July 16, 2009

Peaceful Wanderings

As the orcas sought food and adventure in the waters of the pacific, so we sought peace and relaxation amongst the islands. We were without whales today, but our guests did not suffer for it. Capt. Nancy took the MV Sea Lion, guest naturalist Russell and me on a beautiful wildlife cruise under warm...Read more