June 25, 2007

Eagles and Seals Galore!

On Friday I led a group of kayakers out of Roche Harbor for a three-hour tour. The wildlife was certainly out and about that day, as we saw about eight eagles all together on shore, where a presumably tasty meal was washed up. I've often seen a few pairs around the area, but never this many at the same time. It was magnificent to see so many eagles in different life stages, and my guests captured some wonderful pictures. As if that wasn't enough, when we were paddling around the west side of Henry Island, we encountered a mother seal giving her new pup a ride on her back. Despite our precautions --we had been sure to paddle back and away from her to give her space--she was completely unconcerned about our boats and even swam right between them! All in all it was a wonderful day! Aileen