Killer Whales north of Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

October 7, 2018

We Found Killer Whales North of Friday Harbor, San Juan Island!

October 7- M/V Sea Lion- 12 PM Right before we left the dock we got a report that one of our kayak guides, Clai, had found whales in Spieden Channel. We headed that way and came across a group of whales looking for food. We got to see them make a quick kill. They were traveling at about 9 knots,...Read more

April 5, 2015

Transient Orcas Abound Around San Juan

What a beautiful day on the water! Guests aboard the M/V Sea Lion, along with Captain Mike, Naturalist Brendan, and I departed the dock in Friday Harbor with word of orcas near the south end of San Juan Island. Naturalist Brendan was the first to spot these whales on his ferry commute from Shaw...Read more

July 20, 2009

San Juan Island, where the whales are...

Today we headed north in the San Juan Channel. We had a few sightings of orcas earlier at False Bay on the west side ofSan Juan Island. We were originally c onsidering going south. But as we motored out of Friday Harbor, we hear d that the orcas were moving up on the west side of San Juan Island -...Read more