September 1, 2016

L's and K's Meet for Play

Another beautiful day in Friday Harbor, but we were excited to depart and hit the water to see what adventures we had in store for us today. The M/V Sea Lion pushed off the dock and turned south today, with reports of residents frolicking and foraging near the south side of the island. Although the...Read more

August 30, 2016

Eagle Cove Eats n' Play

This afternoon was absolutely, positively, hands-down magical. Our Southern Residents were heading in, and several members of K-pod and L-pod were foraging for salmon near Eagle Point. Sea Hawk left Roche Harbor with this report on our minds, and fair seas and sunshine ahead. We haven't seen our...Read more

July 21, 2016

L-Pod Whales and Transients TOOOO!

We had a beautiful, full day of whale watching on the M/V Sea Lion yesterday. With three trips planned, we had the opportunity to spend the day all around the islands in search of our marine mammal friends. On our morning trip, we made a turn down south, basking in the views of Griffin Bay, Cattle...Read more

August 9, 2013

Orca Whales and Wedding Bells

Today M/V Sea Lion chartered a wedding group early on leaving from our Friday Harbor location. It was a little foggy as we headed out the San Juan Channel and into Cattle Pass, but that soon lifted just in time for our party to see some dorsal fins in the distance! It was soon to be one of the best...Read more

June 22, 2013

A Sunset of Whales

Sunset trips happen to be Captain Mike and I's favorite trips to go out on with our guests. Tonight was great! We left Friday Harbor and went to the south end of San Juan Island, through Cattle Pass and into the Haro Strait. The whales were right off of Eagle Point and were spread out feeding. Mega...Read more

June 22, 2013

Orcas and Minkes at Eagle Point

Today was sunny and beautiful for a whale watch. Captain Jim, Captain Chris, and myself departed with a full boat on the Kittiwake and made our way down and around San Juan Island. We experienced some strong currents going through cattle pass due to the summer solstice and full moon being so close...Read more