July 6, 2014

Celebrities ...

After the amazing encounters that we had yesterday, I wasn't sure the trip today would be able to compare, but boy was I wrong! When we first headed out, we had an awesome surprise: a  juvenile humpback surface a couple hundred yards in the distance by Roche Harbor. It went about feeding and showing us lovely fluke patterns. The Humpback ended up circumnavigating San Juan Island. These whales can eat up to two ton of food a day!
It didn't take us long before the M/V Kittiwake was on scene with killer whales in the northern part of Haro Strait entering into Boundary Pass. The first two whales we saw happened to be none other than J2 and L87! J2 is somewhat of a celebrity in these waters, her name is Granny, and she's an estimated 103 years old!! L87 is her faithful companion and is always close by. Along with J2 and L87 we saw the J14 matriline. J Pod crossed Boundary Pass and was headed north up Swanson's Channel when we left them. Today was just a great day! Beautiful scenery, humpback whales, killer whales, harbor porpoise, bald eagles, seals etc. We got to see just about everything to see today!
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