August 31, 2012

L-pod basking in the sunshine...

We had a fabulous trip to the south side of San Juan Island today. Sunny skies and calm waters in the Strait of Juan de Fuca made for incredible whale watching! After seeing several harbor seals cruising through Cattle Pass, we encountered the Steller sea lions on Whale Rocks. At least ten were...Read more

August 20, 2012

Great start to the week...K-pod!

Today we enjoyed the August sunshine on our trip to the south side of San Juan Island. We encountered glassy and calm waters coming through Cattle Pass, and a great view of the Olympic Mountains. As we came upon Whale Rock, we observed several harbor seals and then ten LARGE Steller sea lions...Read more

August 14, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Minkes today! Although our Southern Resident Killer Whales were nowhere to be found today, we did have luck finding Minke Whales. Not just one, but two (maybe even 3!) Minkes were in the Salmon Banks area, on the south side of San Juan Island (48°25.33’N, 122°59.94’W). Just rounding the corner out...Read more

July 24, 2012

Minke Whales!

Today we got to experience something a little different, but fun! It appeared as though the Southern Resident Killer Whales had left the Salish Sea for the day, so we went out looking for our other year-round residents, the Minke Whales. We headed south of Salmon Bank, eyeing each bait ball we...Read more

July 22, 2012

Sunday "Fun"day -- Orcas make a splash

A little "liquid sunshine" (what the locals call drizzle) did not keep us from a great wildlife tour today! First stop was a collection of harbor seals lounging in that liquid sunshine on a rock outcrop near Griffin Bay. We were on the lookout for some new pups, recently born, as this is pupping...Read more

July 17, 2012

Feeding frenzy!

So many opportunities to observe the diverse wildlife of the San Juan Islands today! From Friday Harbor we traveled east, and then cut between San Juan Island and Lopez Island. Several harbor seals were hauled out on rocks, swimming, and foraging for fish! Gulls swooped in and rhinoceros auklets...Read more

July 2, 2012

Whale Report July 2, 2012

Southern Resident Killer Whales today! Caught up with about 7 slowly foraging members of J-Pod, including Granny (J-2), Blackberry (J-27) along with Onyx (L-87) on the west side of San Juan Island at 48.27.388N 123.03.597W. We stayed with them until peeling away at the light house at Lime Kiln to...Read more

June 1, 2012

Orcas and Minkes, Oh my!

It was a calm and foggy day out on the water. The majestic M/V Sea Lion cruised out of the mist on an exploration for whales! We headed south through Cattle Pass towards Admiralty Inlet, and just beyond Smith Island (48°20’N, 122°58’W), we found two groups of transient orcas. We estimated about 10...Read more