July 10, 2011

Just us and the Whales

Last night brought one of the nicest evening tours I can remember. I decided to ride along as a passenger and try getting some pictures of Orcas. As we cleared Cattle Pass we headed up the west side of San Juan Island looking for any members of the resident pods. It didn't take long to see a blow,...Read more

July 9, 2011

5:30 Sunset Tours Best for Photographers

Last evening I got out from behind the computer and went out on the whale watching tour that departs at 5:30. We went out of Friday Harbor, then south down the east side of San Juan Island. About 1 mile off the south west side of San Juan Island there were many, MANY whales. It was an...Read more

July 9, 2011

Abundant Wildlife

Southbound from Friday Harbor, we went in search of Pacific northwest wildlife. Along the way, we saw harbor porpoises just in the San Juan Channel north of the harbor. A few harbor seals were spotted frolicking in the waves, perhaps foraging or playing. As we rounded Henry Island along the...Read more

July 9, 2011

Orca Breach-Fest 2011

There's a theory among whale watch captains that whales breach more when the waves are choppier. Last night's trip was definite proof for that theory! We left the harbor southbound, searching for our earlier super pod. As we peeked out of the safety of the islands at Cattle Pass, the wind was...Read more

June 29, 2011

Clouds and Whales and Rain and Sun

Our adventures today started off a little cool, cloudy and choppy as we traveled south towards Cattle Pass. Along the way, we stopped for some harbor seals hauled out attempting to bask but then found others at the Pass being more efficient with their time (there was no sun for basking) hunting for...Read more

June 19, 2011

Orca DNA Swap Meet

Any time you're thinking about getting on a boat, check the sky and then cross your fingers. Today we had intermittent sunshine over Friday Harbor and dark gray low-hanging clouds to the south. And to the south we went... with fingers crossed that the clouds would continue out to sea and away from...Read more

June 18, 2011

Rain no; Orcas yes!

We narrowly escaped the rain today; luckily, by trip departure time it was done raining in the San Juan Islands. Overcast weather and threats of rain don't keep the whales away though and as we rounded Cattle Point and came up along the west side in some choppy waves, we were rewarded for our...Read more

June 2, 2011

Rain to the North but Minke Whales to the South

With storm clouds and rain to the north, we started heading south towards Cattle Pass. Word on the quiet ocean: Minke whales were in the neighborhood. Passing several plump harbor seals hauled out off Cattle Point, we motored out to Salmon Bank and then Hein Bank, areas known for schools of herring...Read more