September 2, 2011

Slight chance of wind with heavy marine mammals predicted

The sun may have been shining today, but it was raining marine mammals!!! Shortly after leaving Friday Harbor and heading south we saw a large group of Harbor porpoise. We cut the engine and the miniature Cetaceans that are famously shy were all around the boat and even porpoising out of the water...Read more

September 1, 2011

Wonder-full Humans

It warms my heart when I see full grown adults get excited--yelling, pointing, shouting, oohing and aahing--over marine life! 'Cause I'm one of those adults too! Today, with no orca reports in the Salish Sea, we headed out on the water with a boat full of curious and eager passengers and lots of...Read more

August 29, 2011


Today we traveled all the way to Victoria to see one lone transient. He was magnificent. It was a long haul but when we arrived he appeared to be patrolling up and down the rocks. He has one of the broadest dorsal fins I have ever seen. The word on the street was that he had been harassing a sea...Read more

August 12, 2011

Emerging from the fog with whales

Southward from sunny Friday Harbor quickly led us to dense fog with visibility at maybe 100 yards (maybe) just before Cattle Pass. Armed with radar, the captain navigated us through the pass and over to Whale Rocks where we found seven large stellar sea lions and numerous harbor seals hauled out,...Read more

August 1, 2011

Orcas Island and Orca Whales

Today, even the Kittiwake had an adventure! We traveled over to Orcas Island to pick up a family of ten for a private charter and from there on, we were surrounded by a continuous showing by Pacific Northwest wildlife! First, it was a little harbor seal between Lopez and Shaw Islands. Next, it was...Read more

July 26, 2011

An orca game of pass-the-kelp

Right out the gates, we headed south and just before Cattle Pass we encountered a harbor seal munching on a salmon it had just caught! At first, two gulls were interested in the seal's catch but each time it surfaced, another gull and then another and then another came on until there were ten gulls...Read more

July 13, 2011

Porpoising and porpoises

J pod porpoised north along the west coast of San Juan Island, as each breath exposed most of their flanks. Traveling at great speeds, the orcas manipulated the drag of water to propel their colossal bodies forward and out into the frictionless air. The pod was separated into smaller groups which...Read more

July 10, 2011

Baby K

Another beautiful day as we motored south down the San Juan Channel toward Cattle Pass. It was slightly overcast but we could see Mt Baker standing tall to our east. We stopped to look at a juvenile bald eagle sitting atop a rock otherwise covered with seals and had an "awwww" moment when a tiny...Read more