August 21, 2012

If You’re Willing to Go the Extra Mile… Then So Are We!

And that we did today... With no Orca whale reports in US waters, we decided to “go for it” today, extending our tour, to make the extra trek far north into Canadian waters to see our Southern Residents. We were one of two boats from San Juan Island to make the trip, and man was it worth it!!!...Read more

July 27, 2012

To Canada We Go...

Today we met up with 7-8 members of J-Pod on the southwest side of Mayne Island (Canada) headed north for Active Pass (48°50.93’N, 123°20.55’W). They were resting, traveling in a tight-knit group, surfacing in unison for a few breaths, and then taking deep dives for a few moments. In this group we...Read more

May 7, 2012

Going the Extra Mile.....or 30!

point roberts Today we definitely went the extra mile. Out of the harbor we were immediately faced with a tough decision… head south to a confirmed Humpback Whale sighting that we could easily reach, or take the chance of catching up with some Orcas that were spotted in Canada and heading north...Read more

June 25, 2011

Lob tails and spy hops!

We were excited to depart Friday Harbor with sun, glass waters and a boat full of passengers who’ve never seen whales in the wild before. We headed north into Canadian waters where the orcas were last sited. After viewing harbor seals hauled out on the rocks, we continued into the Strait of Georgia...Read more

August 29, 2010

Cross-cultural Communication

With the orcas being able to swim 30-35 mph and covering 100 miles in a day, it is easy to see how they can become "lost" from one day to the next. And with the Salish Sea being such a large body of water, how is it that the whale watching companies ever find what they are looking for? Since we do...Read more

July 20, 2010

Did you bring your passport?

Well we are all becoming overly familiar with the Canadian waters these days. Reports were in that once again the Orcas were near the coal docks but it was music to our ears to hear they were at least headed south our direction. It was a beautiful day for a boat ride so we didn't mind the extra...Read more