August 23, 2012

International Travelers

Today we headed north on a wildlife adventure! Incredible scenery through the northern San Juan Islands; we passed by Spieden Island first. Adult male mouflon sheep were grazing near shore; their large and round horns are quite a sight. Several females were also resting in the grass close by. We...Read more

August 19, 2012

In for the Kill…

5 Transient Orcas came into the Salish Sea today, made a kill, and quickly headed back for open water. We found them at approximately 2:30PM right off Java Islets in Boundary pass circling their kill like a pack of wolves. It was the T18’s and T’19s including Mr. Floppy Fin (T19B). Within...Read more

August 12, 2012

Word Travels Fast in the San Juan Islands...

By the time we reached the whales today, near Saturna Island (Canada), people had lined up along the shoreline waiting for their chance to see the Southern Residents. It was six members of Jpod slowly moving north in Boundary Pass headed for the Strait of Georgia (48°45.88N 123°04.69W). In the...Read more

September 23, 2011

Clear and Humid?

Today was arguably one of the warmest, nicest days of the season. We were lucky enough to encounter a single Minke up north in Boundary Pass. The water was like glass, and it's not often that we find Minkes up that way. As we came around Turn Point we also came across a pretty elusive group of Dall...Read more

June 27, 2011

Are we in Canada? Or the US?

Today was a day of border crossing, and re-crossing, and crossing again. In search of orcas rumored to be nearly out of reach, we headed north out of the harbor, eventually crossing the border into Canada at Boundary Pass. Up around Saturna Island, we went into the Strait of Georgia where we...Read more

May 25, 2011

Rainy Day Whales

I know I have said it before, but I will say it again. I love rainy day whale watches. Not the gross, windy, perfect storm kind of days, but the days when everything is still and calm and you can see every bird, porpoise, and seal within five miles of you. Today was one of those days. From the...Read more

May 6, 2010

A Follow-up To A Dream

Well, we did not find orcas, but we did find plenty of other cool creatures. On a boat built for 50, we had 7 people, so it was like having a private tour. The guests and captains and I were relaxed and open to any new experiences that might come our way. In that light we decided to head farther...Read more

September 11, 2009

Here Comes The Sun Again

After what appeared to be the start of fall and winter, we are now back to the September weather that we are all so fond of. September really is the best month to see the islands and today was a perfect example of that. I welcomed a lovely group of guests onto the M/V Kittiwake this afternoon and...Read more