August 3, 2021

Humpback Pair Travel Down San Juan Channel!

Laura | M/V Osprey | 8/3/2021 | 5:30PM Today was one of the best humpback encounters I have experienced in quite a while! We left the dock headed northbound through San Juan Channel and it was only about 10 minutes before we spotted some blows! A young boy named Oliver looked close to the shoreline...Read more

November 3, 2019

Humpbacks Wave Their Flukes at Friday Harbor!

Laura C. | M/V Sea Lion | 11/3/19 | 12:00pm What an awesome day out on the water with Captain Pete! M/V Sea Lion ventured north into the San Juan Channel on a clear sunny morning blanketed with crystal blue skies. With only 10 passengers aboard, were able to move around our spacious vessel and...Read more

July 13, 2019

Gray Whale Fluking Near Whidbey Island!

Laura C. | 7/13/2019 | M/V Sea Lion | 5:30 pm This evening’s whale watch was so much fun! Our captain Pete manned the helm as we ventured south towards Whidbey Island to find a gray whale!! It was so exciting to see such a beautiful whale on a sunset trip! Gray whales sift through the ocean floor...Read more
Two Bigg's Killer Whale Families

June 28, 2019

Two Bigg's Killer Whale Families Join Together!

Laura C. | 6-28-2019 | M/V Kestrel | 11:00am This afternoon was an awesome day to spend on the water! Captain Gabe drove M/V Kestrel north and stopped along Spieden Island to see some cool wildlife, including bald eagles and harbor seals! We continued onward and were so excited to find TWO Bigg’s...Read more
Humpback Whale

October 4, 2017

Plethora of Autumn Wildlife in the San Juan Islands

[Sarah M – 10/04/2017 – M/V Sea Lion – 12:00pm] Today was a perfect fall day, and we experienced quintessential San Juan Islands wildlife! Leaving Friday Harbor we headed east for Upright Channel between Lopz and Shaw Islands. The water was glassy and we had crystal clear, panoramic views of Mt...Read more
Rhinoceros auklet

July 30, 2017

Top Three Birding Locations in the San Juan Islands

Birding has quickly become one of my favorite year-round hobbies here in the San Juan Islands. We have an incredible diversity of birds, both in the marine environment as well as terrestrially. In these modern days of smart phones and other screens, it can be so fun to go on an adventure just...Read more

May 11, 2010

Blue Birds on San Juan Island

The Cameras Are Rolling! NestCam season is still going strong! We are happy to report that the Eastern Bluebird eggs have hatched four little nestlings. Note and an aside: Here in the San Juan Islands BLUE BIRDS are being re-introduced. It is a BIG deal to all us islanders. The Barn Owl chicks have...Read more