May 24, 2016

Transient Killer Whales off of Victoria, BC

We started off the day with hopeful reports of a group of transient killer whales just off of Victoria, BC. As we left the dock, we headed south down the San Juan Channel towards Cattle Point, the southernmost tip of San Juan Island. We stopped briefly to catch a look at a large group of harbor...Read more
Male killer whale at the surface

May 18, 2016

Transient Orcas North of the San Juan Islands

Whale, whale, whale! Today was another fun day out on the water with a delightful charter group! I have really been enjoying the guests we have hosted lately, especially on our charter trips when I can really sit down to get to know people. Today Captain Brian and I set out on the M/V Kittiwake’s...Read more
J34 Doublestuf Male Southern Resident Killer Whale

February 24, 2016

Killer Whale Ecotypes in the San Juan Islands

The Salish Sea around the San Juan Islands is considered to be the premier location in the world to see killer whales in the wild. Your average whale watcher will look out across our beautiful water and say that they are looking at some really nice black and white orcas. This is true, but there is...Read more

September 26, 2013

Once in a Lifetime Transient Orca Behavior!

Today was one of those days that only happens once in a season- sunny September skies, flat calm ocean water, wildlife everywhere, great guests... oh, and did I mention orca whales that seemed to be breaching out of the water every thirty seconds?! Let's start at the beginning! Today the M/V Sea...Read more

September 13, 2013

Transient Orcas Snack on Rock Sausage

It’s not often that we get to choose between viewing Bigg’s Killer Whales or Southern Resident Killer Whales on the same trip. That was the case today. I wish we could spread out this luck for the guests who didn’t get to see any killer whales on their trip. For a time during peak summer, we were...Read more

August 20, 2013

New Old Faces

There have been some subtle changes in the Salish Sea of late. Common murres have been flooding in, little phalaropes are again congregating at current lines, and it seems that another Steller’s sea lion adds itself to the slumberfest at Whale Rocks each day. In the coming days and weeks other...Read more