August 27, 2010

Banner Runs of Salmon and Steelhead Are Migrating Up Some Northwest Rivers This Summer

This just out regarding Salmon (resident orcas mainstay of food). It is interesting enough that I am putting up on our blog, which is usually reserved for  crew to report on their tour experiences.

Here is the link.  It is only about a 2 minute piece - give a listen?

NORTH BONNEVILLE, WA (N3) - Banner runs of salmon and steelhead are migrating up some Northwest rivers this summer. Not since dams were constructed on the Columbia and Snake Rivers have this many sockeye salmon returned. Sockeye bound for Baker Lake in northwest Washington also smashed the pre-season forecast. Meanwhile, the 2010 summer steelhead run is on pace to be the second highest on record on the Columbia. The modern record for steelhead was set in 2001. KPLU's Tom Banse explores possible explanations for the unexpectedly high salmon returns.