May 14, 2009

Another Day Well Spent with J Pod

After a few days off the water, I was antsy to get my share of the J Pod viewing action. Luckily, J Pod decided to appease my desires and we left Friday Harbor with a group of excited guests to catch up with the whales (well, dolphins - technically) on the west side of the San Juan Island.

After viewing some harbor seals hauled out (as usual) on some rocks, we arrived on scene, with the whales spread out heading in the direction of Port Angeles. Captain Nancy followed next to a group of around 5-6 individuals (one adult male, a young orca, and four females - it appeared). This was a nice group to see because the rest of J Pod was spread out quite a distance in front of us. Due to an ebbing tide in our favor we reached the whales quickly and had a nice long time to view them. A few guests even spotted a Minke whale or two (one of the smallest baleen whales, around 30 feet long). As we turned to head back to Friday Harbor we caught a nice glimpse or two of a group of around 4 orcas dilly-dallying back and forth.

Although it was a bit chilly (it's not quite summer yet!), the sun was shining and the water was calm. Everyone returned mellow and satisfied after a wonderful afternoon with our friends from J Pod.

Until next time,
Ashley, Naturalist