August 4, 2010

Ah Summer in the San Juans

Wow, yet another beautiful whale filled day in the San Juans! This time of year it seems I could start every blog that way! The weather and the whales have fully cooperated and we've been blessed with fantastic trips for weeks and weeks on end!

Today I was aboard the Kittiwake with Captain Mike and a boatload of guests. We cruised southbound over toward False Bay. If you are a frequent reader of our blogs, this location will be of no surprise to you.

The Southern Resident orcas were foraging off of False Bay. Throughout the entirety of the trip, they appeared to be foraging. We caught some excellent glimpses of Ruffles, Granny, Mike, and a couple of socializing females. Like I said before, it was yet another amazing day here in the San Juan Islands. Come join us, and experience it for yourself!