September 2, 2019

An Adventerous Morning with Humpbacks and Orcas

M/V Kestrel | Monday, August 2nd, 2019 | Naturalist Alexandria | 11AM

We had quite an adventurous day on the water today!  We left Friday Harbor this morning after getting suited up in our exposure suits.  After spending less than 3 minutes or so leaving the harbor we were treated to two humpback whales swimming by! 

We were so excited at the fact that we had these whale so close!  We got to hang out with them for a nice chunk of time, probably about 20 minutes or so.  During this time we got fantastic looks at their flukes as they took their deeper dives.

After enjoying these whales we headed north to try to pick up some Biggs killer whales that were swimming around.  When we were getting on scene it was so foggy that there was no recent confirmed location so we all spread out between the different areas these orcas could have swam to and started scanning the area.

The family of Biggs killer whales was found a few minutes later and we got some fantastic looks at them.  From the amount of splashing that we saw it looked like they had probably had a snack (ie Harbor Seal) when they surfaced and then continued swimming east.  We got some great looks before it was time to start the adventure back to Friday Harbor.


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