May 18, 2011

7th in a Row!

Wednesday arrived with sunny skies and the warmest temperatures of the season.  We departed a little early for our trip due to word of whales in the area.  We headed through Cattle Pass with the tide flooding against us.  As we cleared the pass and entered Haro straight Captain Craig pointed our bow south towards Partridge Bank.  But half way there we took a sharp right and headed up the straight as we spotted some Orca closer to our position.

We came on scene with just a couple other boats and found maybe 8 or so charismatic animals.  None of the boats had been able to get positive IDs on any of them.  But there was plenty of surface activity including some porpoising behavior and a few spectacular breaches.  We stayed with the whales for about 25 minutes before turning back towards home.  On the way we encountered Pacific Loons, Cormorants, Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, and some Steller Sea Lions.  What a great day!


Mike - Naturalist

San Juan Safaris