Marine Naturalist & Reservations

Abby is a true Oregonian. At seven years old, she stuffed her backpack with toilet paper and a handful of granola bars (you know, the necessities), bound and determined to find Keiko. Watching Free Willy was no longer cutting it for this young activist. During an unsuccessful plea with her parents on which way to start trekking out of the driveway, she decided to wait until adulthood to pursue her dream of working with marine mammals. After graduating from Oregon State University in 2015, she began traveling around the world. Abby has worked for whale swim operators in Tonga, swam with wild orcas in the freezing Arctic, and has a reindeer named in her honor, frolicking around Norway somewhere. When not at work, you can find her spearfishing, biking, or spontaneously dancing around the island, much to the dismay of her peers. Lively and occasionally entertaining, she will gladly nerd out about marine life with you!